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IT2015-B01 傳統意大利廚藝工作坊 Italian Traditional Dishes Details
WIT001 品酒會 Wine Tasting (Douro) Details
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This is a portal website for Chef's Corner members, anyone who love eating, cooking, high quality ingredients and studying Macao local artwork's development can join this group. Members can organize a private party and attend a cooking class through this portal and the services are only for our Premier members.

Wine Tasting

Tasting wine is a hobby among wine enthusiasts and a serious undertaking for sommeliers, chefs and restaurant managers. Anyone can taste wine, and restaurants and bars often hold wine tastings to give guests the opportunity to enjoy a night out and learn about different wines without spending an extraordinary amount of their hard-earned dollar. Chef's Corner provides the wine tasting event and lets our member to enjoy our quality life.

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Macao ArtWorks

For supporting Macao cultural creation, Chef's Corner organizes regular art exhibition from differnt Macao artists. Furthermore, Art-Jam classes which provide a relax environment to allow our members to immerse in a musical art world with delicious food.

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Cooking Class

Do you wish to learn the art of Macanese, French, Italian, Portuguese cooking in a fun, relaxed atmosphere ? Chef's Corner invites you to our cozy kitchens in a silent village of old Taipa where you can choose from a wide range of hands-on cooking classes in Macao taught in English/Chinese/Portuguese/Italian. We invite you for a unique, hands on culinary experience in Macao.

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My Parties

Our member can book for a private dinner in this historical building, we use our garden herbs and we serve one table a night, it gives our member to enjoy a private leisure time as well as a delicious dinner.

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